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This CD is funded by a grant from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts

Adam Berenson: piano
Scott Barnum: double-bass
Bill Marconi: percussion

Remastered in 2013, Original Recording February 23rd, 2003
Radio Active Productions in Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Engineer: Daoud Shaw

Volume One:

1) Staring It Right In The Eyes
2) Respectable People
3) Dithyramb
4) Time Heals Nothing
5) Leonard Zelig
6) A Purgatorial Marriage With Unhistorical Acts
7) Money Is Funny
8) Heaven Has Turned Against Me
9) Tickled To Death
10) Are We Speaking The Same Language?
11) The Murder of Simon Rudge
12) The Uncanny (Returning From Forgetfulness)

Volume Two:

1) Appointments We Havn't Made
2) Cathexis
3) A Night of Healing
4) A Cinematographic Moment
5) A Little Charming Egocentricity
6) Don't
7) Threnody
8) Willapoint Clams Are Shining
9) Reaction Formation
10) Unediting (Death, Part Two)

all titles by Adam Berenson