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Introverted Cultures (2005)
(Funded by a grant from the American Composer's Forum)

Recorded June 12th, 2005
Recorded by Daoud Shaw at Radio Active Productions, Philadelphia PA.

Adam Berenson: Piano, Percussion
Eric Hofbauer: Guitar, Percussion
Scott Barnum: Double Bass, Percussion

Volume One

1) The Symbolism of Hands
2) Diathesis
3) Disentangled
4) Bleak Exultation
5) Edith Mathis
6) The Reality of the Psyche
7) A Haunting Presence on the Moors
8) We Are Ignorant
9) ...limping...limping...limping...
10) I Adore You
11) You Need Not Fear the Icy Noise Within
12) Ghost Pillow

Volume Two

1) Trail of Tears
2) Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek
3) The Lunatic
4) The Juices of Truth
5) The Harvest Feast
6) An Earlier Version of You
7) Vision Quest
8) In My Beginning is My End

All compositions on Volume One are by Adam Berenson.
All compositions on Volume Two are by Scott Barnum, Adam Berenson, and Eric Hofbauer.