Penumbra (2017)

Lumen (2014)

Lacanian Fantasy (The Abyss of Divine Madness) (2012)


Jnana (2010)

A Codex of Silent Voices (2010)

A Way Out (2009)

Blue Red and White (2008)

Journey Through Space (2007)

The Reclamation (2006)

Stars (2006)

Introverted Cultures (2005)

Nothingness (2004)

Stand In the Corner and Breathe (2003, Remastered 2013)

The Mystery of the Vanishing Chandelier (2001)

Contextual (1999)

Representations (1997)

Dialectical Constructs (1996)

Adam Berenson (1993-1994)

Classical Works:

1) Molecular Infrastructure (completed 2/25/96)
for Flute, 2 Bb clarinets, Baritone Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, and Cello

2) Three Preludes for Brass Quintet (completed 3/31/96)

3) String Quartet (completed 12/27/96)

4) Two Questions (completed 12/31/96)
for C Trumpet and Piano. Dedicated to Eric Vismantas

5) Close-ups (completed 3/20/97)
for Trumpet and Piano. Dedicated to Eric Vismantas and Radmilla Hvezda

6) Suite (Homage to Webern) (completed 3/22/97)
3 movements for Piano. Dedicated to Jeong Yoon Choi

7) Chamber Orchestra Piece (completed 4/6/97)
for Flute, Oboe, Bb clarinet, Bassoon, Horn, C Trumpet, Trombone, Snare Drum, 2 Violins, Cello, Double Bass

8) Concerto for Piano and Chamber Orchestra (completed 8/26/98)

9) Orchestral Set (completed 12/26/99)
I) Phantasmagoria
II) Specters and Palindromes

10) Trio for Piano, Violin, Cello (completed 6/28/00)
This piece was commissioned by the Suburban Music School in Media PA and was premiered at Swarthmore College on May 6th, 2001

11) Five Movements for String Trio (completed 11/26/00)
for Violin, Viola, Cello

12) Percy Bysshe Shelley Songs (completed 3/18/01)
4 songs for Soprano and Piano

13) ...being...becoming... (completed 7/5/01)
Octave and unison exploration for full orchestra

14) Octet (completed 12/12/01)
for Bb clarinet, Bassoon, Horn, 2 Violins, Viola, Cello, Double Bass

15) Trio for Piano, Violin, Cello #2 (Sunday in The Park With Kafka) (Completed 6/16/2002)

16) Oneiric Webs (completed 9/28/09)
For 12 instrumentalists

17) Improvisation Pieces
Over 130 compositions beginning on 10/5/89

18) zenoglossy (completed September 2010, revised October 2012)
For brass quintet. Dedicated to The Triton Brass Quintet

19) mamessi (completed January 2011)
For string quartet

20) night of the world (completed December 2011)
For 9 instrumentalists

21) String Quartet #3 (completed 6/30/12, revised October 2012)
World premier by the JACK quartet at the Rotunda in Philadelphia on 6/21/13

22) Icostasy Music for Violin and Orchestra (completed June 2014)
For violin, and large orchestra.

23) Schriftstellersein-Fragmente (completed April 2015)
For flute, viola, and harp. Dedicated to the Fire Pink Trio.

24) lambent fragments (completed January 2016)
For violin, cello, and piano. Dedicated to Trio Arbos.